Our Stepping Stones family is made up of many dedicated families and staff whose support is vital to our success. We value the relationships that are formed over the years at the center. We enjoy watching each child grow-up with us. On several occasions, our alumni, who have graduated from Stepping Stones, have returned to work here as staff and staff have come back as parents. These new roles strengthen our Stepping Stones family and extend it in a new direction.


We can’t imagine raising our children without Stepping Stones. For over fifteen years our three children took part in every element of the program. The environment, a combination of love and fun learning, has been a vital part of each of our children’s development.

- Karl Watson, parent

We have been part of the Stepping Stones family since September 1997.  I say “family” because that is what it truly becomes.  It’s not just the kids who make friends at the center!  Entire families become friends through the great social activities like the spring and fall picnics, pool parties, the Halloween carnival and many other fun events throughout the year.  The friendships that my two daughters have made through Stepping Stones have lasted through the years even though the kids have moved on to different Elementary and Jr. High schools. 
We have always had such peace of mind knowing that the girls are happy and well cared for.  Shelly is a wonderful director who has a keen ability to hire excellent lead teachers and staff.  We have experienced every room at Stepping Stones from the infant room to the afterschool room and we have never been disappointed!  Each classroom seems to have a perfect balance of structure, education and fun.  All of the staff members create a caring and positive environment.  Stepping Stones has been a wonderful part of our life. 

- The Hays Family (Curtis, Nancy, Chloe and Cara)

We can’t imagine raising our daughter without Stepping Stones. From her infancy, she has been surrounded by people who have taught her everything from drinking out of a cup to using the potty to learning her letters. All of this teaching has been delivered with such care and love, from both the lead teachers and the part-time aides. We couldn’t be more appreciative of the village that is helping us raise the best child we possibly can.

- Chelsey Langland, parent

Kiernan was just under one-month old when he started coming to Stepping Stones part-time. As new parents, we were nervous and we were so happy that Kiernan’s teachers let us know how his day was going. We knew that his teachers would call us with any concerns and that we could call at any time as well.

Now, Kiernan is in the toddler room and every night, he tells us about what he and his friends did—playing outside, making art projects, playing with toys, reading books. We love that his lead teachers have so much experience and that the assistant teachers really make an effort to know each child and their families.

The Stepping Stones community is very welcoming and supportive. We are so glad that we chose Stepping Stones to provide daycare for our child because we got so much more than daycare - we have an extended family of care and support!

- Julia Gaughan, parent

My husband and I have brought our two daughters to Stepping Stones since they were three months old. Ten years later we’re still here and I feel very fortunate to have found Stepping Stones. I don’t know where to begin with the long list of things they’ve provided for us that go beyond a safe, loving & reliable source for daycare. So I’ll just mention one thing that I feel is unique to Stepping Stones. The director and staff truly want there to be a sense of community between the families and staff at Stepping Stones. They actively work on this through family/staff social activities, newsletters that not only update you but share bios of staff & families, parenting classes & tips, and so much more. I’m not sure where else you could find a center with staff devoted to this “above and beyond” kind of task.

I can’t think of a better place to take my children. When you catch yourself saying, “home” instead of “daycare” you realize you’ve made the right choice. Thank you Stepping Stones for helping us raise two responsible loving kids.

- Steve & Amy Rockers, parents

Stepping Stones creates a warm and welcoming environment for children to grow and develop. The teachers are passionate about their work and about creating the developmental foundation for each child to reach their full potential. We are confident when we drop our children off at the center each work day that they are being engaged and inspired to learn. We appreciate the level of parent engagement that is encouraged at the center. We also feel good about the fact that we know that our children are being cared for by teachers who love them as their own. We are proud to be part of the Stepping Stones family.

- Alphonso & Ramona Eason, parents

I have been part of Stepping Stones for a long time, both as a child and later on as an employee.  To me Stepping Stones is not only a place to send your children or a place to work, but is more like an extended family.  Stepping Stones is a happy place to be and enjoyable to be a part of.  As a child that happiness comes from fun learning activities, teachers who are excited to be a part of your life, and friendships that last beyond Stepping Stones’ classrooms.  As an employee the happiness comes from the ability to impact many young lives, the opportunity to watch children grow and develop as they graduate from room to room, and the support from fellow staff and the families.

- Sara Gering, staff & alum

It is hard to put into words what Stepping Stones means to the Townley family.  When I was a sophomore in college, I worked part-time at Stepping Stones as an aide in Pre2.  Right away I felt comfortable and welcomed by all the families, and it was fun to come to work everyday.  As time went on, I developed lots of lasting relationships with coworkers and parents.  Many of my friendships today are centered around my years at Stepping Stones.  One summer I met Pete when he worked as an aide in Pre2 and we both played softball on the SS team.  We have been together for almost 12 years.  When we decided to have kids the choice of where to send them for care was obvious.  After working at Stepping Stones, we knew that no other daycare would give our kids the same amount of attention, love, or fun that the teachers there would give them.  We knew we could trust Shelly to treat our kids as her own as we had witnessed her do for many years.  Stepping Stones is a special place and we feel privileged to have sent our children there.  It is like family to us. 

- Morgen Townley, parent & former staff

I couldn’t agree more with Morgen. Since the time we met and got to know each other through softball, I have felt at home at Stepping Stones. Shelly and all of the staff over the years have treated us so well, and we had so many great memories working there, that it never felt like we were sending our kids to just some center, but rather a second home. Not only are we happy with the care, and the staff, but our kids love it there. They feel safe when they are there and the teacher interaction is awesome. Our two kids tell us endless stories about their teachers and the teachers are the first people our kids want to tell things to when something new and exciting happens. For 12 years, and even longer for Morgen, Stepping Stones has been such a huge part of my life, and for all of us Townleys we feel Stepping Stones is a part of our family.

- Pete Townley, parent & former staff

It just took two clicks of her ruby red slippers and Dorothy was back home. After being an aide, a parent and a lead teacher at Stepping Stones, I have found that it just clicks. It’s the kind of place that feels like home and there’s no place like home. You will soon know that those who greet you and your bundle of joy will give just as much love, care, compassion and enjoyment to them as you do each and every day. Every parent has a checklist of things they are looking for in a center. At the top of that list is “Will my child be well taken care of and loved?”  I can answer that without any hesitation. Stepping Stones goes above and beyond what is called for in a child care center. It is a place that warms your heart and that I am proud to have been a part of for the past 22 years!

- Lance Greenly, staff

After working at Stepping Stones while I was in college, I was determined to make sure my children went there. I knew that I could relax at work knowing that they would receive quality care. I have been impressed with the love and guidance the staff has provided my children. They have always been excited to be there and have learned so much prior to grade school. I am grateful that Stepping Stones has been a part of my children’s lives.

- Angie Webb, parent & former staff

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